WINDING DRUM elevators

Standard Features

  • 950lb. weight capacity
  • 40 feet per minute travelling speed
  • 12 square feet standard interior car size (up to 15 square feet available)
  •  Automatic battery operated lowering device
  • Automatic “home park” feature to allow the elevator cab to rest at a designated floor
  • Recessed telephone cabinet
  •  Raleigh Cab Raleigh Cab Brochure LE Cab Brochure

Optional Features

  • Premier, Signature, and Hampton Series cabs available in a wide variety of finishes
  • Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass, Polished Brass or Oxidized Bronze finishes available
  • Automatic Gate Operator
  • Hardwood, Custom Stain, Lacquer
  • All Clear or Bronze Acrylic Gate Panels