R.E.A.L Hydraulic Elevators

The original founders of our manufacturing facility introduced the first roped hydraulic residential elevator to the U.S. market in 1987. R.E.A.L Elevator Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing a superior product for your home. Our attention to quality control, code compliance, and craftsmanship provide our clients with the most dependable, safe, and attractive elevator available today. Read more about our Hydraulic Elevators in our brochure. Call, click or email us today for more information!


Standard Features

* 950 lb. weight capacity

* 40 feet per minute travelling speed

* 12 square feet standard interior car size (up to 15 square feet available)

* Automatic battery operated lowering device

* Automatic "home park" feature to allow the elevator cab to rest at a designated floor

* Recessed telephone cabinet

* Raleigh Cab Raleigh Cab Brochure LE Cab Brochure


Optional Features

* Premier, Signature and Hampton Series cabs available in a wide variety of finishes

* Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass, Polished Brass or Oxidized Bronze finishes available

* Automatic Gate Operator

* Hardwood, Custom Stain, Lacquer, All Clear or Bronze Acrylic Gate Panels